MJ Sails Shade Sails Brisbane Signage finishing service Vinyl and PCV Welding and sewing for sign writers and sign manufacturers

Signage finishing service – banner welding and sewing

Introducing  MJ Sails signage finishing services  – vinyl welding, sewing and joining service – for sign writers and sign manufacturer’s.

Sign writers and sign manufacturer’s often do not have in house capabilities for signage finishing services. As such, sign writing companies tend to outsource vinyl welding, stitching and joining, required in the manufacturer of signage banners to external providers.

MJ Sails have over 25 years experience in the vinyl industry. We have recently completed a refurbishment of our workshop in North Brisbane and are now extending our wholesale manufacturing services to the sign writing industry. We provide professional, friendly, wholesale signage finishing services to sign companies in North Brisbane.

  • Banner joining – we can weld or sew two or more panels together to create a larger sheet.
  • Welding  – Hem welds, Welded rope, Welded PVC cord and Eyelets.
  • Sewing – For non-welding fabrics we offer a sewing service for fabric banners hemming, rod pockets, rope cords and rod pockets.

To find out more or to organise a site visit please contact Mick on 0431 828 078

At MJ Sails we use a commercial grade RF welding machine and a industrial sewing machine.

Radio Frequency (RF) welding is fast and creates a permanent bond between two polymers without fumes. The welded join is created by applying heat and pressure and then allowed to cool. This type of welding produces water, air and bacterial proof welds. Because the bond does not degrade the vinyl surface, a weld can be applied to multiple layers of vinyl.

In our workshop we use the RF welding machine to create rope and sail track installations, weighted roller blind rod pockets, awning edging, eyelet reinforcing and much more. We use the  industrial sewing machine in the manufacture of shade awning, blinds, vinyl and canvas canopies and shade sails.