Commercial Grade Shade Cloth  – 97% UV protection

This architectural design playground at the Fern Hills Day Care is a wonderland for the children. To provide a sun-smart environment MJ Sails used commercial grade shade cloth with 97 percent UV protection.

  • Gale Pacific Commercial 95 – Commercial Grade Shade Cloth – Black – 97% UV
  • 10 year manufactures UV breakdown warranty on fabric
  • Stainless Steel Turnbuckles, Eye Bolts and Shackles
  • Shade Sail Site Measure, Shade Sail Manufacture and Shade Sail Installation

Number of Sails: 5

Posts:  8 Copper log posts – existing

Mount Points: 20 mount tension points

Coverage: 125 sqm

Project Budget: $7,500 – $9,000
Depending on the Shade Cloth selected, Hardware, Posts and Site Access